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will you tell to the Egyptian government to put in freedom my wife Amal Fathy?

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Mohamed Lotfi Pregunta de Mohamed Lotfi

Hello my name is Mohamed Lotfy,

I am the husband of Amal Fathy,

Amal Fathy, actress and former fashion model, mother of a 3 years old child, has been detained in Egypt since 11 May 2018.

She was arrested by National Security from her home at dawn and was then accused in two cases, a few days after she published on her Facebook account an angry video criticizing sexual harassment in Egypt (of which she was victim of the dame day)living conditions and the status of freedoms in general. She is detained in Al Qanater prison north of Cairo. 

In the first case (Case 621 of year 2018 state security prosecution). She is accused in this case of belonging to a terrorist group, broadcasting ideas calling for acts of terrorism and publishing false news. No evidence against Amal was presented by prosecution in this case when she was first investigated on 13 May 2018. 

Her lawyers presented a report from her psychologist explaining that she suffers from chronic depression and the prison doctor made two reports confirming this and explaining that her health condition deteriorates as a result of her detention. She suffers from frequent panic attacks in prison and her recent paralysis seems to be caused by her psychological state. 

In the second case (Case 7991 of year 2018 Maadi misdemeanors), Amal Fathy is facing accusations of publishing a video calling for the overthrow of the regime, spreading false news that harms national security and misuse the Internet. But on 21 June 2018, the Criminal Court of South Cairo approved the release on bail of Amal Fahy with a 10 thousand Egyptian pounds bail (about 550 USD). The court rejected the appeal by the prosecution against the decision to release her on bail issued two days earlier by a judge.

This is why we need your help, politicians from the european parliament. You have to say publically you are against this detention of the Egyptian government. #FreeAmalFathy

49 personas la han apoyado
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