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  1. Press the button “Envía tu pregunta” / “Send your question”
  2. Choose the chamber you want to address and the subject of the question
  3. Choose or discard the politicians that Osoigo suggests
  4. Write the title and the description of the question
  5. Add a picture that can illustrate the question

Now you just need to collect the minimum amount of “supports” needed to send the question to the politicians. Share it in your networks and make it go viral!

  1. Go to the registration form by pressing “Únete”
  2. Choose “Asociación” among the registration options given
  3. Fill out the form and the information requested

Now you can start to influence your organization in politics! Launch your questions and get answers from politicians. If you want to learn about our recruitment and incidence services, contact us through

We share a series of suggestions to make it go viral and gather support for the questions you post:

  • Share on your social networks through Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter
  • Join Facebook groups that revolve around the same topic as your question. For example, if you have created a petition related to animal abuse, look on Facebook groups and pages that defend the rights of animals and share your campaign with them.
  • Share your question in forums, web pages, hashtags or discussion groups related to the subject of your question. Copy your question in the comments of the media that publishes news in relation to your campaign.
  • Write to influencers on Twitter asking them to retweet your question.
  • Through WhatsApp and email you can send your question to your family and friends, the people who are most willing to help you from the beginning. You can ask them to share your question with their contacts.

  1. Gaining support is a must. A question must be backed up by other people in order to become relevant. Once your question has obtained the support required, we will send it to the politicians. If the politician does not respond post messages on Twitter or Facebook inviting them to respond and mention them in the message.
  2. Share your message with Osoigo so that from the web we can also help them to answer.

  1. Click on “Únete” at the top.
  2. Register as a citizen.
  3. Fill up the form with the requested data.
  4. Send your first question to politicians.